In February 2011, we hired GNL Landscaping and I can tell you our community has seen a drastic change. I no longer have to walk the community to find problems and e-mail them to the landscaper. GNL Landscaping brings potential problems to my attention before they become a problem. He is also very pro-active in recommending changes that will help to beautify our development. I would recommend GNL Landscaping to any HOA that is thinking of making a change. I know you will not be disappointed.
-- Doug, President, TR HOA

I wanted to thank you for the great job your crew has done for us at Camino Del Rey. The landscaping here has never looked better. I get compliments every day from the residents on how great our community looks. You and your crew are doing a great job and are always on call for any problems we may have.
Thank you again,
-- Terri, Landscaping Chairperson

The grass has never looked so good!
-- Tom, Board President

The property looks perfect!
-- Dan, Board Member

Looks like everything is going really great at WRV.
-- Jim, Property Manager

You guys are amazing!
-- Doug, Board President

I have never seen a crew work so hard.
-- Jenny, Office Manager

Thanks again for going the extra mile to improve our community.
-- Chris, Board Member

I appreciate how quickly you resolved the issue.
-- Rick, Property Manager

The flowers look great!
-- Joann, Property Manager

I have worked with GNL Landscaping for many years now. I can always rely on them to ensure that our property is well manicured and looking gorgeous! GNL Landscaping communicates any issues with me right away and vice versa. They are always reachable and willing to do whatever it takes.
-- Julia, Executive Director

GNL Landscaping has provided excellent services for the Camino Del Rey Homeowners Association for the past two years. GNL Landscaping is quick to respond to additional requests/concerns in a timely manner. They exhibit great 'customer service', which is uncommon with most contractors.

Prior to starting his own company, Gary was employed by another landscaping company under contract with Camino Del Rey from 2002-2010 and was the contact person. Again Camino Del Rey HOA was fortunate to be the recipient of good customer service from Gary while working for the landscaping contractor.

Because of Gary's work ethic, good customer service, and reasonable fees, Camino Del Rey HOA had no reluctance in securing the services of GNL Landscaping when looking for a new landscaping contractor.
-- Jackie, Former Board Member of Camino Del Rey HOA for 3 years, responsible for Landscaping